Toddlers' Playground Planned for Chiswick House

Parents' initiative seeks further local support

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Amy Barclay can be contacted on or on 07767 233 649

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Local parents have drawn up plans for a wooden playground to go in Chiswick House Grounds, near the café.

They have already gained the support of London Borough of Hounslow, CIP, English Heritage and the charity, Chiswick House Friends but are now seeking backing in order to fund their plans.

This local community initiative will run alongside the current lottery bid for the regeneration of the site led by Hounslow and English Heritage.

They group hopes to find further funding to build the playground through fundraising although maintenance will be the responsibility of the general site management.

It is estimated that the playground will cost in the region of £22,000 and the group are currently writing to companies and charities that may be able to help.

A toddlers’ ‘funday’ is planned for Sunday 15 May in Chiswick House Grounds and will comprise a sponsored crawl, toddle, trike/bike push, a teddy bears’ picnic, some clowns and other entertainment.

To drum up more support from families with under-fives, a meeting at the café in Chiswick House Grounds in the school holidays on Friday 1 April (no joke!) at 10.30am.

Details are being sent to all local nurseries and primary schools and anyone interested in the playground will be more than welcome to come along.

In addition to local parents, the group are looking to local companies who’d like to contribute to the playground or who would like to be involved in the ‘funday’ on Sunday 15 May, for example by providing a Bouncy Castle or a clown or other entertainment. If you can contribute in any way, please contact Amy at (07767 233 649).

March 21, 2005