Bogus District Nurse cons elderly woman

Card stolen by accomplice in Strand-on-the-Green theft

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A 67 year old woman from Waldeck Road near Strand-on-the-Green appears to have been the victim of heartless con artists. A woman claiming to be a district nurse gained entry to her home, and whilst she was performing a bogus examination, an accomplice appears to have entered the house and stolen the victim's bank card.

The incident took place between 3.30pm - 4.00pm on Monday 9th May. The victim heard a knock on the door and when she answered saw a woman dressed in a nurse's uniform. She said she had come to perform an annual check up. On entering the house the suspect claimed that she was allergic to cats and asked if the examination could take place in the bathroom.

She performed an examination but the victim noticed that the blood pressure was taken incorrectly and that the thermometer wasn't cleaned after use.

Whilst she was distracted in this way, it is likely that someone else entered the house and stole the bank card.

The next day the victim was called by a man claiming to be from the bank's security department who asked for personal details including the victim's PIN. The following day the person called again asking for further details and saying that a replacement card was to be delivered to her address. She had already become suspicious and contacted her doctor who told her that no visit had been scheduled. At this point the victim called the card company and cancelled the card but it had already been used in the Milton Keynes area.

The suspect posing as a nurse is described as a black female of slim build, around 5ft 4 inches tall and aged around 30 years. She was wearing a dark blue district nurse's uniform which appeared authentic had big silver earrings which seemed out-of-place according to the victim.

Police ask neighbours to warn any elderly people living near you who may be vulnerable to this type of burglary.

If you have any information which you believe may be helpful in this enquiry you are asked to contact PC Simon Green on 020 8247 5940.

May 17, 2005