Burglary on Dale Street

Victim returns from holiday to find home ransacked

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The Police in Chiswick


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Police are appealing for information relating to a case of burglary which took place at some point during 2nd - 5th July on Dale Street in Chiswick.

The victim, a 35 year old man, had been away on holiday and when he returned he noticed that his kitchen door had been opened. The burglars had broken a small window in the door and obtained the key which was hung up nearby.

They ransacked the victim's home and took a bank card, which has now been stopped.

Police remind people to be careful where they keep their keys and not to leave them where they may be visible to anyone wishing to gain access to their home.

If you have any information which you believe may be useful to the investigation of this crime you are asked to contact DC Dave Paterson on 202 8247 5940.

July 12, 2005