Bike Robbery in Chiswick House Grounds

Twelve year old boy punched as gang steal his BMX

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The Police in Chiswick


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Police are appealing for information from the public following a robbery of a push bike from a local schoolboy in Chiswick House Grounds which took place this Monday (15th August) at around 3.15pm.

The twelve year old was cycling through the grounds with two friends when they were approached by four youths. One of them came up to the victim and said, "Can I have a go on your bike?". The request was refused and when asked again, a second boy said, "Don't touch my brother" and then punched the victim. A passer-by, who has yet to be identified, saw what was happening and went to speak to the boys but they moved away.

The victim and his friends cycled away towards the Burlington Cafe only to be confronted again by the group. The youngest of the group again asked for a go on the bike but this time the other boy pushed the rider of and rode away with the bike.

The boy who took the bike and punched the victim is described as white, around 11 years old with sandy coloured hair. He was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with a large logo on it. The second boy who was described during the incident as the first boy's brother was around 9 years old and wore a green t-shirt. They are both believed to have Irish accents. There were two other boys in the group who did not take part in the robbery. They are described as a 12 year old black male wearing a black t-shirt with a white Nike logo on each shoulder and a 13 year old black male wearing a light blue t-shirt.

The stolen bike is described as a DK BMX racing bike, blue with Reebok markings and is valued at £150.

If you have any information relating to this incident you are asked to call PC David Bendall on 020 8247 5940.

August 16, 2005