Police crackdown on mobile phone theft

Net closes on gangs of youths on bikes snatching phones

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The Police in Chiswick


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In direct response to the rise in reported snatches of mobile phones, Chiswick police have mounted a two week operation to detect these crimes and deter those committing them.

The operation will run from 22nd August until the 2n. September and will target specific areas at specific times. There will be a high visibility uniform presence (a minimum of six officers) on a daily basis, supported by plain clothed officers.

Chiswick has recently been hit by a spate of such robberies which involved the snatching of a phone by a youth whilst the victim was distracted making a call or texting.

Inspector Tim Smith of Chiswick Police station said, "The early indications are that the crimes are being committed by teenagers using pedal cycles to enter Chiswick, commit a crime then leave. Identities of these youths are being collated and it would appear the vast majority live in Acton and Hammersmith. Leading up to the operation, we were receiving roughly one report a day of a mobile phone snatch. I am convinced that this operation will contribute greatly to reducing crime and the fear of crime in Chiswick."

If you have any information relating to these crimes you are asked to call the burglary squad on 020 8247 5940.

August 25, 2005