Boys on bikes travel down to river

Satellite navigation system stolen from car on Chiswick Mall

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The Police in Chiswick


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Two boys riding bikes were seen stealing an expensive satellite navigation system from a car parked on Church Street near Chiswick Mall.

The incident, which happened in broad daylight on Friday 4th November 2.50pm, was witnessed by an individual who described how one boy used his bike handle to smash the window of the silver 'Mercedes Avant Garde' estate and reached inside to take what was later identified as a Tom Tom Satellite Navigation System worth £600.

The thief made off on foot in direction of St Nicholas' Church on leaving the bike at the scene, leading the Police to suspect that that too was stolen.

The first suspect is described as a white youth, 5'8" in height with light brown hair and a thin light brown moustache.  There is no description of the second suspect other than him also being a white youth riding a bike.

Anyone who has any further information concerning this incident is asked to call the Crime Management Unit on 020 8247 6485


November 8, 2005