Spate of street muggings leads Police to issue warning

Teenage suspects sought for string of thefts

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The Police in Chiswick


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Chiswick Police have issued a warning following a spate of muggings carried out by three teenagers. 

Chiswick currently has what appears to be an emerging problem of street robbery involving three African Caribbean suspects aged between 15 years to 19 years old, unfortunately there is no better description available at this time. 

The pattern of thefts emerged prior to Christmas and is continuing with most recent incident occuring near to Chiswick BR Station on Sutton Court Road on Wednesday 4th January 2006 at around 5.10pm.

On all occasions the suspects used force by pushing the victims and then taking property such as cash and mobile phones.

The times of the offences are usually between 5.00pm and midnight. Although all the offences happen in Chiswick, the areas are not specific and would appear to be random although most occur when a person is at their most vulnerable i.e. when alone, in a dark quiet area and usually displaying the mobile phone.

Police are asking everyone in Chiswick to be particularly vigilant and safety conscious when travelling through quiet, dark areas. Local Police have put in place and are planning future 'Safer streets' operations targeting this particular nasty crime.

Any person with information regarding these offences of Robbery or any other Robbery offences should ring Hounslow Police Station on 02082475940 or Crime Stoppers 0800555111.

All calls will be treated with confidentially. Officer in the case for the above mention Robbery offences is PC David Bendall.

January 5, 2006