Mugging induced serious asthma attack

Woman treated by paramedics after her handbag was snatched

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Wednesday 15th February 2006 at 18.20 a robbery took place in Bridge Street.

The victim was a 21 year old woman who was walking across the bridge from Hardwicke Road when she saw a man running towards her.

The suspect tried to grab her bag from her right shoulder. The victim attempted to stop him but the suspect threatened to stab her.

She still tried to stop the suspect who finally managed to pull her bag from her shoulder and ran off towards Hardwicke Road.

The victim is asthmatic and began to hyperventilate. She was treated at the scene by paramedics.

The suspect was a white male, 6, late thirties, thin build, sandy brown short hair, grey eyes, wearing a baseball cap, black bomber jacket, white T shirt, blue jeans, dirty trainers, carrying a blue carrier bag.

Property stolen was a bronze coloured handbag containing a Sony mobile phone, cash, credit cards, driving licence valued at around 470.

Any information to PC Damon Williams on the Robbery Squad on 020 8247 5940 please.

February 24, 2006