Stab threat used in Burlington Lane robbery

Teenager robbed whilst walking home

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A 15 year old boy was threatened with being stabbed as as he walked home along Burlington Lane,

The incident happened on Saturday 18th March 2006 at about 15.45.

The victim was walking from the Hogarth Roundabout towards his home when he was approached from behind by the suspect outside McCormack House.

The suspect demanded the lad’s mobile phone or threatened to stab him (although no knife was actually seen).

The suspect then proceeded to take the victim’s mobile phone and money from his pocket and walked through the gates into Chiswick House Grounds.

Property taken was a Motorola phone and a small amount of cash, value about £125.

The suspect was described as a black youth, about 17 years, 5’10”, wearing a blue and white baseball cap and a black wet type rain jacket.

Any information to PC Paul Mitschke in the Robbery Squad on 020 8247 5940 please.

March 23, 2006