Church doors smashed with shopping trolley

Christ Church suffers four attacks in three weeks

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The glass doors of Christ Church on Turnham Green were smashed with a shopping trolley on Tuesday 18th April 2006 sometime between 18.00 and 07.15 the following morning.

The incident was the fourth attack the church has suffered in the past three weeks which began with two concrete blocks being used to smash two large windows.  These windows have since been repaired.

Reverend Jim Dainty of Christ Church told "We have had our front entrance doors attacked with a small piece of what looked like granite which left chip marks on the engraved doors. Then last week we had an attempt to open the doors with some implement which removed a slither of glass from one of the doors and then last night (18th April) we had a Sainsburys trolley smashed through the door and it has totally destroyed the entrance door to the Church."

Chiswick Police attended the scene along with the Scene Of Crime Officer and Community Support Officers.

Reverend Dainty continued "We hope to make the entrance secure and to then order a replacement door. This could take quite a while to obtain as it is a glass architectural door with the Church name etched into the glass.

The front entrance has no steps and easy access for disabled people. This is no longer an option. So in the immediate days we will have to ask people to use one of our fire escape doors as the entrance to the Church. This will create some problems because there are steps involved and we do have people who come to church regularly in wheelchairs.

There are a number of youths about who have been using shopping trolleys for their amusement. Some of these are really heavy duty pieces of equipment and can do serious damage. One which I saw on Monday afternoon in the Harvard Road subway under the A4, was from (I think) B&Q and was a really robust trolley used for transporting doors and kitchen units around their store.

This morning we collected four trolleys from around the church, having already cleared some yesterday."

Anyone with any information about these incidents is asked to contact the burlgarly squad on 020 8247 5940.

April 20, 2006