Chiswick Woman Charged With Six Counts of Child Cruelty

Claiming “emotional problems” to blame for force feeding children raw chillies

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The Police in Chiswick

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A 41 year old Chiswick woman has been charged with six counts of child cruelty and one of assault.

Mormon Deirdre Charrington is currently standing trial at Canterbury Crown Court with her friend Maria Keable accused of subjecting six children to years of physical and mental cruelty.

Over a period of nine years, the women, who were described by the prosecution as being “out of control”, forced young children to sting each other with nettles.

The best friends, who met through Mormon church 10 years ago, habitually committed "disgraceful" acts on the children, hitting them with rolling pins, force-feeding them raw eggs and lining them up in a row to be punched and kicked.

Other "punishments" included force feeding the children raw chillies.

Deirdre Carrington claimed that she was having "emotional problems" when she made a girl eat chilli powder.

The two women deny the charges. The case continues.

April 20, 2007