Acquitted Jill Dando Suspect Attacked Chiswick Woman

Victim warns that self confessed stalker Barry George is “a danger to women”

The Police in Chiswick

Following Barry George’s acquittal of the murder of Jill Dando, a former Chiswick resident has spoken out warning that George remains “a danger to women.”

The self confessed stalker served 33 months in jail for the attempted rape of the woman on the steps of her Chiswick home in 1982 after a “plea bargain” between prosecution and defence.

The victim, who now lives abroad, told The Daily Express, “I want people to know he has always been a very dangerous man.”

According to the newspaper, the victim’s friends are urging her to sue George for damages for physical and psychological harm so he does not benefit from what some experts expect could be a £500,000 compensation payout.

“I have seen George portrayed as some kind of harmless eccentric – but he is far from benign. He knows how to work the system and look like a sad case.”

On the day of her murder in 1999, Jill Dando left the Chiswick home of her fiancé to return to her own home in Fulham to pick up mail where she was shot at blank range on her doorstep.

George, who believes that his past behaviour of pestering women fuelled police suspicions about him, has consistently denied shooting Miss Dando.

He told the News of the World he could not have killed Miss Dando because he was following another woman at the time.

He stated, "I know I have done wrong in the past and if I could go back in time and change that I would."

George was acquitted by an Old Bailey jury on Friday 1st August after a retrial.

August 4, 2008