"Lorna touched the hearts and souls of everyone she came in contact with, especially mine. She could walk into a room and lift the spirits of everyone around."

Floral tributes outside the shop where the shooting occured

The husband of murdered beauty salon owner has paid tribute to Lorna in a statement issued on behalf of all her family.

"I write this from my heart, on behalf of myself, my two wonderful girls, Lorna’s mum, dad and sister. Lorna Rodrigues, nee Stewart, came into my life on 16 December 1990 and we began a wonderful and beautiful new chapter.

My wife gave to me two special and sensational presents throughout our twelve years – our girls. We created an international family full of love and understanding and Lorna’s death has devastated us all. Lorna touched the hearts and souls of everyone she came in contact with, especially mine. She could walk into a room and lift the spirits of everyone around. She gave life a meaning, and meaning life. Her generosity and personality was equal to none. She had the strength to teach others and the commitment to learn, she gave of herself and asked nothing in return.

She tried so hard to please the many and in the end it was the few who destroyed her life. Lorna will not be with us any more in body to see her two girls grow into young ladies, but we who are closest to her know that her memory will never die. It is a sad reflection on the society we live in that a tragedy such as this can happen.

She was, is and always will be my wife, my North, my South, my East and my West, my sunrise and my sunset. She will be missed by all but more so by our family. Goodbye my love, may angels speed you to your new life – wait for me".

Last week magistrates at Feltham have were told that Lorna Stewart was three months pregnant at the time of her death on September 10.

At the hearing Rena Salmon a 42-year-old mother of two was remanded in custody by magistrates until a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey on September 19. No application for bail was made.

Mrs Salmon, dressed in a blue and white striped T-shirt, spoke only to confirm her name, address and date of birth.

Detectives believe Mrs. Salmon's husband, Paul, was having a relationship with the dead woman. According to some reports he was in the solicitor's office next door to salon at the time of the shooting discussing a divorce. The two women had formerly been neighbours in Great Shefford in Berkshire but Ms. Stewart left after the break up of her marriage.

Ms Stewart was the former owner of the Equilibrium Health and Beauty Clinic on the High Road where the attack took place.

Police were called to the scene following reports of a woman entering the rear entrance of the shop armed with a full length shotgun, and further reports of shots fired at the location. The shop was closed due to a fire earlier this year and builders on the scene witnessed a well dressed woman entering the premises with a weapon.

Officers arrived at the scene and found Ms. Stewart suffering from gunshot wounds, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Armed officers attending the scene arrested Mrs. Salmon who made no attempt to flee.

A friend of the victim's witnessed the shooting at close hand and fled the scene following the attack. She is believed to be unhurt.

September 16, 2002


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