Dog sitter's house party goes wrong

Police required to escort large gang away from Hazledene Road

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A sixteen year old girl may be in for a tough time when her Aunt returns from a trip away. She volunteered to 'dog sit' but decided to arrange a house party which took place at Hazledene Road last Saturday night (19th February).

Word appears to have got round and eventually things got out of hand with a group of around 30 youths turning up uninvited. The girl asked them to leave as they were in the process of thrashing the house and when they wouldn't go she called the police at around 11.50pm.

The officers who arrived at the scene immediately realised things were getting out of hand and called for back up. In the event a reported 8 police cars were required to tackle the situation. The group of youths was escorted away from the area. On their departure they caused further damage breaking the window of a nearby house. One person from the Wandsworth area of London was arrested.

February 27, 2005