Mobile Phone Snatched by Two 'Mobike' Robbers on Southfield Road

Young man injured as suspects escaped on the orange rental bikes

Rugby Road junction with Southfield Road. Picture: Google Streetview


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A young man had his iPhone stolen in Chiswick early this Sunday (18 November) by two individuals who escaped on the orange rental Mobikes.

The incident took place at the junction of Southfield Road and Rugby Road at around 1.45am, as the victim was having a conversation on his phone while walking along the road.

rugby road
Rugby Road has a mobike docking station

The suspects were described as a white girl, with a baby face, accompanied by a large black man. Both were on orange mobikes and they were wearing brown and green parkas.

mobile phone being snatched

A police image of a typical mobile phone snatch

The girl approached the victim (while he was on the phone) and overtook him as a distraction while her accomplice knocked him with his bike and they grabbed the phone and made their escape in the direction of Acton.

The victim sustained an injury and he was trying to stop passing cars for help but no one stopped. Luckily, an MPS special, police volunteer, who lives in the area, was getting off the E3 bus and saw the victim off balance and came to check on him and helped him.

The officer called 999 and the police were on the scene within 30 minutes. The police say, "Please don’t be distracted and please don’t make yourself or your phones as a target. "

This incident was originally reported on the OWL messaging system.

Police recently highlighted the fact that the area is a hotspot for mobile phone theft.

November 21, 2018

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