Chiswick High Road 21 years on

Such a lot of change even since 1982 - a montage of images from then and now

One day in the autumn of 1982, I was puzzled when my friend - and then local resident - Fay Sweet insisted on taking photos of shop fronts along Chiswick High Road. "All this will soon be gone," she explained. Four years before the opening of Sainsbury's, at a time when the name Starbucks meant nothing, the main shopping street in W4 was a very different place.

Chiswick High Road 1982 Chiswick High Road 2003
1) Portch's West Fish Shop / Fishmongers at No 378 Chiswick High Road, now the location of outdoor experts Blacks.
2) Mylo's ice cream parlour to the immediate west of Our Lady's Catholic church. The name "Mylo's" is still visible in the pavement outside this parade of shops etc.
3) The Old Heidelberg Patisserie Restaurant, now the location of "giraffe", J Quinn the butchers, Fontain Chemists, First Avenue, plus local character "Chicken George" riding by on his bike. As you may know, he used to live under the Chiswick Roundabout flyover. There have been reports that he was murdered.
4) The Army & Navy Store Depository, now the home of Independiente Records and luxury apartments.
5) Grevil dress shop on the corner of Chiswick High Road and Turnham Green Terrace - with the old Ellis's Corner sign clearly visible. Now the location of Snappy Snaps.

Ian Wylie

Pictures by Fay Sweet (1982) and Ian Wylie (2003)

August 18, 2003

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