Cost of Parking Violations Increases By 25%

Higher penalty charges from April and clamping to come to Ealing borough "soon" but Councils' bid to move Chiswick into a higher band fails

The London Boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing have given notice of increases in penalty charges (parking tickets) that will come into effect on April 1st.

The decision to set the increase across all bands at £20 is the result of a consultation process that included the Boroughs and Association of London Government (ALG) with the decision ultimately resting with The Mayor of London.

On a local level it means that in Chiswick, which falls into band B in both Hounslow and Ealing Boroughs, the cost of a parking ticket will now be £80. This charge will also apply to those who are found to not have renewed their CPZ licences on expiry.

In addition to the raised penalty charges, Ealing Council are also planning to introduce the clamping of parking offenders, with an increased charge to free the vehicle. Their submission to the ALG stated that they hoped to introduce clamping soon. Hounslow Council are investigation the possibility of clamping but have no plans for introduction

Chiswick is at present in band B, however in 2001 both boroughs applied unsuccessfully to Association of London Government (ALG) to have the W4 area placed in the higher band A. This band carries a £100 price tag on a parking ticket, the same level as bus lane violations. ALG rejected the application on the grounds of “insufficient information” to support the claim but said it would re-consider the request as part of a 2002 consultation exercise if re-presented by the boroughs concerned.

When a borough applies for an increase in penalty charge level, they must be able to provide amongst others “evidence to demonstrate what other action has been taken to tackle non-compliance, for example : a review of restrictions and signing, increased patrols, introduction of clamping, removal, CCTV enforcement”.

March 11, 2003

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