One Way To Go For Stile Hall Gardens?

Council looks at traffic calming measures for 'well-known cut-through'

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The Chiswick Area Monitoring Committee are currently looking at introducing traffic calming measures for Stile Hall Gardens.

Described by Friends of Stile Hall Gardens as a well-known cut through, one of the road's residents spoke during the public forum of last week's meeting alerting the Committee of the concerns amongst locals over the speed and volume of traffic passing through the road.

Amongst the points raised were:

  • Stile Hall Gardens is a well-known cut-through to avoid Chiswick roundabout and, for westbound traffic, the signals at the Wellesley Road / Chiswick High Road junction;
  • Stile Hall Gardens is a straight road with cars parked on either side consequently there are concerns over the risks to children and the elderly when getting in / out of parked cars;
  • Residents are experiencing road rage from impatient drivers annoyed at having to wait while the residents park their cars.

Friends of Stile Hall Gardens had canvassed the opinions of residents on the road by circulating a letter to every household. Out of a total of 71 households, 33 households responded supporting the request for the Council to consider the matter.

The suggestions put forward by residents and Friends of Stile Hall Gardens are:

  • Making Stile Hall Gardens one-way (eastbound) between its junctions with Regent
    Street and Brooks Road and introduce a 20mph limit for the eastbound traffic;
  • Divert the westbound traffic via Regent Street, as there are no front doors opening onto Regent Street and as it is mainly used for parking purposes.
  • The introduction of a 20mph speed limit for the eastbound traffic has been suggested.
  • There are two ways of introducing a 20mph speed limit:
    i) Through a 20mph zone - this comprises an area within which the roads must have sufficient number of traffic calming features to make the 20mph limit self-enforcing.
    ii) through a 20mph speed limit - this is achieved through the installation of signs only and there is no requirement to have traffic calming features in the road.

According to the Council, the estimate cost of providing a 20mph zone scheme within the catchment area defined is £100,000. The Director of Finance commented that, should the Committee decide on any proposal, work will not be able to proceed until such time as the necessary funding source is identified.

Full details of the proposals can be viewed here.

June 12, 2009