Fame Costs And This Is Where You Start Paying – In Chiswick!

Community School student reviews her peers in their production of the 1980’s classic

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“What made our parents move when they were young is still “alive and kicking” today!” writes Chiswick Community School pupil, Margot Fernandez

The student’s performance of Fame was a great success. Why? Due to the passionate performance of the actors, singers and dancers combined with the dedication of everybody behind the scenes.

Many of us would be terrified of standing up on stage, so all credit goes to the actors who bravely stood up to entertain us.

The costumes where simply designed and perfectly suited to each character. The music was well directed and vibrant, giving life and soul to the piece.

The audience was taken in from the very beginning and where eager to join in the spectacular atmosphere of the performance.

Although there was a lot of humour in the play this did not take anything away from the moments of tragedy. It was indeed a heart braking story but it makes us realise what life can bring us and the hard choices we have to make.

A very enjoyable evening, all credit to the people that made this possible.


Margot Fernandez

February 25, 2009