Friends of Chiswick House demand action

Group expresses frustration at "disgraceful" state of of the grounds

In a recent letter to Mr Nick Pratt, Commissioning Officer at LBH, The Friends of Chiswick House conveyed their frustration at the lack of action taken to combat continuing tide of destruction and degeneration at Chiswick House Grounds. The house and grounds are a cherished and widely used area of Chiswick that has, in recent times, fallen into disrepair.

CIP have frequently claimed to be inadequately funded to provide the level of care and security that the Grounds now require. The Friends of Chiswick House believe that not only are the funds provided by LBH inadequate to allow what has deteriorated to be restored; they are inadequate to hold the Grounds at the present sorry level of disrepair. They add that unless this situation is rectified the vandalism and deterioration will continue.

They deem that recent events (e.g. vandalism of cricket pavilion) have provided solid evidence for their argument for better funding and believe that it is now up to Mr Pratt to secure an adequate level of funding for CIP to do their job fittingly.

A spokesperson for the Friends said, "the Friends feel that the situation in the Grounds is disgraceful. It seems that not a penny has been spent on it since September. In these winter months, it is a dangerous and dirty place to walk."

Chiswick House Friends is a charitable trust established in 1984 to assist in the conservation, enhancement, protection and support of Chiswick House and its grounds.

January 23, 2003

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