Main building reduced by two storeys and residential units rather than hotel now planned

A new set of plans has been submitted for the controversial development at Chiswick West. Last month (April) hundreds of Chiswick residents including Mike Smith and Rula Lenska demonstrated against over development in the area. Local MP Ann Keen has also spoken out against the size of the planned buildings.

The previous plan had envisaged a 30 storey block including a luxury hotel as the centre piece of a development around Gunnersbury station that would encompass both sides of Chiswick High Road. The new plans have abandoned the hotel in favour of residential units. There will also be provision for social and key worker housing.

Residents objections are principally on the basis that the block would be out of keeping with what remains a predominantly residential area. There is also scepticism that the new building would strain an already creaking transport infrastructure. The plans would include the rebuilding of Gunnersbury station but this is a project that was likely to be implemented in any case using money that has arisen from the planning permission given to Chiswick Business Park.

The plans are now available in Chiswick Library under the following references:

  • Ref 00248/BX/P1 391-409 Chiswick High Road
  • Ref 00248/586-596/P1 578-596 Chiswick High Road
  • Ref 00248/BY/P1 Space over railway operational land adjacent to Gunnersbury Station and existing B.S.I. building.

A West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society spokesperson said that objections to the new proposals should be made on exactly the same grounds as the previous application. They feel that the reduction in the height of the main building by two stories will not change the nature of the project. She urged people who have objected previously to contact the Council again saying that it was a classic tactic of developers to submit marginally changed plans in the hope of wearing down objectors. Any comments on the development must be received by the end of the month. Grounds for objection are detailed in some of the links below.

Another local resident pointed out that people should not be complacent, "The developers of the Pinnacle used the tactic of an endless string of modified plans to wear down opposition. What many people didn't realise is that you have to object to every single application not just the first one."

There will be a meeting of the officers of the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society this Wednesday (15th May) at which the revised plans will be discussed in detail. The society has collected in excess of one hundred signatures against the development.

The new application offer no further clue as to the identity of the developer. No company called Clifton Cape is registered with Companies House or in the Isle of Man where the cheque paying for the application was made. It has been suggested that the company is based in Hong Kong but a spokesperson for the developer was unwilling to confirm this.

The agent for the development, Ray Daniels and Partners, is also behind a major project in Hounslow Town Centre.

Any comments on the plans should be sent to:

Hounslow Planning Department
London Borough of Hounslow
Lampton Road
Middx TW3 4DN

Attn Ian Draper

Or e-mail You are advised to include your postal address so that issues such as light or impact can be assessed more easily.

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