Police look to tackle cafe crime

New measures to reduce the level of theft from diners along the High Road


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The Police in Chiswick

Figures for crime in Chiswick Town Centre

Latest figures show increased crime in Chiswick (September 2003)

Police issue warning to diners on Chiswick High Road

Thieves target VWs in Grove Park crime spree (September 2002)

Mugger's Alley - a crime hot spot in Chiswick

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Chiswick's cafe culture is leading to an increased number of robberies from people eating out.

Crime gangs sometimes from Eastern Europe are targeting local cafes with younger children often involved in the theft.

Chiswick Police are trying to raise awareness of this type of crime and special coasters will be appearing in local cafes highlighting the risks to your valuables

Eduardo Zazueta, manager of Cafe Nero, 386 High Road, was enthusiatic about the campaign saying, "we are pleased to support the police in their attempts to reduce crime in chiswick's cafes"

Anthony Phillips, a crime prevention officer at the local station said, "I hope that these coasters will remind residents and visitors to Chiswick that they should be keep their property safe and out of sight if at all possible"

One common modus operandi is for a group of youths to approach someone at a table with a map which they appear to be asking directions from but in fact they are using it as a cover to steal a handbag or mobile phone.

The Crime Prevention unit are also issuing local cafes with "Chelsea Clips" which allow people to safely hook handbags onto a table (see picture left).


October 10, 2003