Two "Professionals" gun down man in his home in Wilton Avenue

Police are describing an attempted murder in Chiswick as having the appearance of a "professional planned hit". After arriving late at night at the house of 51-year-old Chiswick man Alan Ball, two men barged down his front door, shot him in the head and the chest and sped off on a motorbike.

Scotland Yard say they are keeping an open mind on the case and appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Earlier this year the victim's name had come up in a case at Isleworth Crown Court. The accused, Brian Colclough, was convicted of an armed hold-up of two women on Chiswick High Road. During the trial he claimed that the hold-up was a sham and that he had been put up to it by Alan Ball who is married to one of the women.

Colclough was chased and apprehended by members of the public and due to his previous convictions received a life sentence for the crime. Mr. Ball was not charged with any crime in relation to the case.

If you have information on this case the incident room number is 020 7230 0832 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The incident is one of a number of series crimes in Chiswick over recent weeks. A woman was attacked in the Churchyard of Chiswick parish church and there was a serious assault by Turnham Green tube. This has brought about renewed calls for the authorities to reassess their opinion of Chiswick as a "low crime" area and install CCTV.

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