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Course taking place in Chiswick at the London Buddhist Vihara

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A ten week course starting on Thursday 5th May 2005 at the London Buddhist Vihara, The Avenue, Chiswick, London, W4. Classes will be held every Thursday from 7pm - 9pm.

Although this aspect of the Buddha's teaching may be the most intellectually challenging, it is also very rewarding. It gives us insight into the Buddha's profound analysis of mind and the nature of mental processes.

The course will appeal to all those who have an interest in psychology, but it is not just an intellectual exercise. It will be shown how the subjects covered relate directly to our everyday view of the world and the way in which we understand our mental activities.

In order to get the most out of this course, it will be helpful if students are familiar with the basic principles of Buddhism.


5th May Introducltion to Abhidhamma; process of cognition; the stream of consciousness.

12th May Classes of the types of consciousness; the strength of resultant consciousness; the consciousness of the Arahant; three planes of consciousness.

19th May Consciousness of the sensuous sphere (Kamavacara citta); form-sphere consciousness.

26th May Samadhi; hindrances; jhanic factor.

2nd June Supramundane consciousness (Lokuttara citta). Functions of consciousness.

9th June 52 mental concomitants (cetasikas) Part I

16th June 52 mental concomitants (cetasikas) Part II

22nd June Kamma and its divisions

30th June Procedure with regard to decease and rebirth.

7th July Analysis of matter (rupa).