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The Number One Allotment on the Dukes Meadows allotment site in Chiswick was opened on Wednesday 3rd August at 2.30pm by Carole Weale of the Chiswick Horticultural Society.

The Number One Allotment is an allotment where people with learning disabilities can develop horticultural skills and interact with other allotment gardeners. The first stage of this project is to build ten raised beds with paths for wheelchair access and to put up a garden shed. A variety of vegetables, fruit and flowers will be grown and an area set aside for wildlife friendly plants.

The project is being organised by the Chiswick Horticultural Society working closely with the Learning Disability Service, part of Hounslow Social Services. The project received a grant from the Chiswick Area Committee of Hounslow Council in April to help pay for the materials.

Geoff Boswell of the Chiswick Horticultural Society said: “We are very grateful to the Chiswick Area Committee for awarding a grant and so helping to get the project started. I would also like to thank the allotment holders on Dukes Meadows who have been preparing the plot and the local suppliers who have kindly donated garden products. I must also mention one person who generously paid for a delivery of paving slabs but declined to give his name!”

Steve Tovey, of Hounslow’s Learning Disability Service said: “I’ve been very impressed with what has been achieved so far in such a short time. Everybody who has been to the allotment has enjoyed the experience of planting and seeing how quickly things grow. It has been a very positive experience for all of us and I look forward to many more people with learning disabilities coming to enjoy the benefits of gardening. “

The allotment will be entirely organic and will follow the advice from the Organic Food For All programme developed by the Henry Doubleday Research Association. One of the CHS members has completed the Organic Food For All course and will be passing on her knowledge to the new allotment gardeners.

The Chiswick Horticultural Society is supporting National Allotments Week, from 8th to 14th August, organised by the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners to promote awareness of the benefits of allotment gardening to the old, the young and to those with disabilities.



August 4, 2005