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Exhibitions resume with work by photographer Tony Whyte

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After an interlude due to illness, Linda Shields is relaunching her Art Exhibitions at the George and Devonshire, in the Hogarth Room, newly-named in honour of the proximity of Hogarth’s House and Roundabout!

The first exhibition, starting on the 2 August and part of a series planned to run through to Spring 2008, is by photographer Tony Whyte.

Tony’s subjects range from wonderful English landscapes through gritty urban scenes and colourful travel shots to beautifully detailed images of flora and fauna.

Tony, who has been taking photographs for 25 years, modestly calls himself a ‘snapper’ but in fact he is a deeply committed and sensitive artist whose vision illuminates anything he touches.

He does not go in for photographs of piles of elephant dung or bisected sheep, but his enormous breadth of interest means that there is something for everyone in the exhibition, which runs from 2nd August to 31st August in the Hogarth Room.

This is a not-to-be-missed artistic event in Chiswick.

August 4, 2007