'A Flea In Her Ear' At The Tabard Theatre

George Feydeau's glorious french farce

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Georges Feydeau’s French farce 'A Flea in Her Ear 'plays at the Tabard Theatre from March 29th, in a fresh new adaptation by Sacha Bush, directed by Alex Sutton.

To test her husband's fidelity, Raymonde Chandebise sends a letter from a 'secret' admirer suggesting a romantic rendezvous at the local 'dubious morals’ hotel. What follows is a string of outrageously frenzied mixups as mistaken identities spiral out of control.

Georges Feydeau was a French playwright of the era known as the Belle Époque. He wrote over sixty plays, with A Flea in Her Ear, written in 1907, widely regarded as his most famous. His farces are still performed throughout the world today.

In this new production, Sacha Bush’s new adaptation returns to the roots of the original French script, infusing this classic script with pacey, modern energy. Director Alex Sutton brings his penchant for musical and physical comedy to the work, including slapstick clowning and gender-bending cross-dressing.

The production is designed by Michael Leopold, who designed Proof (October 2015) at the Tabard Theatre. The cast includes Dominic Brewer (The Lion King, West End; Titanic, Southwark Playhouse) and Rachel Dawson (Les Enfant Terribles).

Box Office: 020 8995 6035/ www.tabardtheatre.co.uk

March 12, 2016

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