Traffic Orders published. Zone should be implemented in early 2003

The Traffic Orders for the West Chiswick Parking Zone were published on 29 November 2002, following the release of S106 funds from the Chiswick Business Park in September.

Parking restrictions will operate on Monday to Fridays from 9am to 6pm with all of the streets in the original plan included. Although most streets voted for the plan Power Road, Havard Road, Grosvenor Road and Beaconsfield Close voted against. The Council decided that these roads would suffer from an overspill problem if they were not included in the scheme.

The informal consultation also revealed some misgiving over the higher charges in the Chiswick Area of the Borough and it has been recommended that these concerns should be reflected to the Sustainable Development Committee.

The zone covers the area south of Chiswick High Road, west of Sutton Court Road and north of the A4 as well as the roads to the immediate west of Chiswick Business Park.

The progression of the scheme to the advertising of Traffic Orders gives the opportunity to assess if there will be any objections from residents and organisations such as the emergency services. If no objections are raised then implementation can proceed.

Traffic orders for West Chiswick CPZ

Transport Plans for Chiswick Business Park

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