West Chiswick resident sounds off about the new CPZ

Grant Feller believes the Council has made an appalling planning decision, ignored local opinion and wasted taxpayer’s money

He writes “Last week, the longed-for CPZ around Gunnersbury and Chiswick Park came into being. What no one seems to have envisaged - in a quite extraordinary lack of foresight - is that all those who once parked in the roads that are now in the CPZ have now gone 100 yards down the road into streets that are even more heavily populated by local residents.

Stile Hall Gardens, Wellesley Road, Oxford Road, Chiswick Village, Brooks Road and Regent Street and now jam-packed with commuters' cars from 6am to 10pm. Elderly neighbours now walk down the entire street to carry their shopping from car to home, mums on their own struggle with their weekly shop and screaming kids because they can no longer park outside their house.

This isn't just a story about disgruntled residents living on the edge of a CPZ and suffering the consequences. This is a story about how a council can spend more than £300,000 trying to solve a parking problem only to create another one in an area that has been mercifully free from parking problems, and now the council must find the money to remedy a problem of its own making.

How can decisions like this get made when it was abundantly clear what would happen? I believe the council needs to urgently look at what has happened, go back to those who recommended that the CPZ should stop where it has, analyse their findings again and then, as a matter of urgency, rectify the problem.

Human rights are obviously of paramount importance to the council, evident in their fight to restrict plane movement across the borough. I believe the council's dreadful decision to push the parking problem into our streets is as much a breach of those human rights.”

Mr Feller has written a strong letter of complaint to his local councilors Messrs Lynch and Kinghorn and is awaiting their response.

For more information on the CPZ, including queries about parking permits, please contact the Parking help-line on T: 020 8583 4862 or email parking@hounslow.gov.uk.

July 26, 2003

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