A Clapped-Out Car And Decisions About Curtains

Local councillor Sam Hearn writes a blog about his week.


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Councillor Sam Hearn

Friday 29th July: I have been pursuing the case of a large redundant lamp post on Hartington Road with Hounslow Highways - they now tell me that it belongs to BT. Progress of sorts I suppose.

Sunday 31st July: I bump into a resident who has been copying me in to his emails to the Council complaining that although he paid for a “brown” wheelie bin back in February he is yet to receive it. He politely refuses my offer of help [and is rewarded for his patience only four days later with a new brown bin. Well done Jennifer Coglan, Contract Support Officer].

Monday 1st August: An early evening meeting at 433 Chiswick High Road, the Conservative Association Offices, to discuss minor refurbishment issues and other property matters. All this comes as light relief from trying to get on top of my casework. £9m overspends against budget I take in my stride but deciding between blinds and a net curtain reduces me to incoherent mumbling.

Tuesday 2nd August: Back to the Kew Bridge Arches to meet up with a representative of the Environment Agency, Richard Griffiths from SOGA, a Planning Officer from Hounslow, Cllr Collins and a representative from the Developer. Our MP joins us and we all bunch up and pose for a photo. The good news is that the Environment Agency supports the general idea of converting one of the arches into a public passage. The next hurdle is to convince the owners of the arches, TfL, that this would be a good idea. Our MP and Clllr Collins berate the Developer’s representative about the general uselessness of the One over the Ait pontoon. The berating is of course like the proverbial “water off a duck’s back”.

Wednesday 3rd August: At a business-like meeting with Cllr Paul Lynch and two extremely well informed local residents to discuss a specific planning application and the flaws in the current planning process. Well intentioned reforms have had some unintended consequences. The garage informs me that my car’s head-gasket has “gone” and that it is possible that the full cost of the necessary repairs will exceed the value of the car – but look on the bright side they say - I could part exchange my old heap for a new model. There are parallels here, I think, with the Nation’s post Brexit woes.

Thursday 4th August: Trying hard to clear my desk before the weekend. Inspector Edwards, who organises our local neighbourhood policing, and I have been trying to meet up for some time. It now looks like we will not be getting together until September. The Chiswick Riverside Policing News that I received recently was interesting and could form the basis for a discussion. The aim of expanding neighbourhood watch is a good one but how do you do it in practice? I forward on to Traffic Planning Officers photographs of the “bashful” 20 mph at the entrance to Fauconberg Road. It is largely hidden from view by another sign.

August 6, 2016

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