Ode to The Wheelie Bin

85 year old Mavis Trainer has written a poem about Ealing's rubbish saga

As D day (or should that be W day) approaches for Ealing's new bin service, some local creativity is emerging from beneath the many, many complaints.


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No Wheelie Bin Exemption for Bedford Park

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Mavis Trainer, 85 (as pictured matching the blue of her recycling bin ) was so inspired by the ongoing saga she has put pen to paper and written a poem.

It's been posted by her neighbour on Facebook and has already received a hugely positive response from locals who've described it as 'brilliant', 'very funny' and have applauded Mavis for 'capturing the Ealing zeitgeist' with her 'tongue in cheek' wit.

Mavis has kindly given us permission to share her poem here.

Excitement overwhelms me
As we near the 6th June
It's a carnival of wheelie bins
Resplendent, black and blue.

But when the happy day arrives
Our brains don't have a clue
Is it the week for the black one
Or recycling, in the blue?

There's another consideration
As there's garden rubbish too.
Is it the week for green and black
Or is it green and blue?

I hope in time we'll get it right
And keep the rules in mind.
There's just one thing I've thought of,
What happens if you're colour blind?

Is this the council's cunning plan
To keep elderly brains alive?
Cos if it is I've sussed them
Not bad for eighty five!

It's not the first tongue in cheek response to the wheelie bins...Earlier this year another Ealing resident used social media and almost convinced everyone that the council was changing its logo from a tree to a wheelie bin.

And to avoid any further confusion (*!) you can check which bin goes out first next week here

June 4, 2016

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