Wheelie Bins Set To Roll Into Chiswick

Local councillors 'rubbish' plans by Hounslow Council


Breakdown Of Wheeled Bin 'Success' Survey

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Local councillors have reacted angrily to news that Hounslow Council wants to introduce wheeled bins to Chiswick on a compulsory basis, possibly starting next year.

Riverside ward in Chiswick was one of five trial areas last year for the new method of refuse collection and Hounslow Council said afterwards its survey of householders had deemed it a success - a claim disputed by a local resident's group in Grove Park which was part of the trial.

The plan for compulsory wheeled vehicles is contained in the Council's Budget proposals which go before the Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday. The Council says that 40% of the borough’s kerbside properties are using wheeled bins and the remaining 60% could be by summer or autumn 2015.

Savings would come on the cost of waste disposal as residents would have a limit on the amount of waste they can fit into the bin which takes about three black bin bags per household. The Council also plans to cut by one-third the number of public recycling depots in the borough from 40 to 27.The Council is anxious to introduce the bins to encourage recycling and also to reduce the incidence of spilled black bin bags which can attract vermin.

Chiswick councillor John Todd, believes wheelie bins would not benefit Chiswick, and would encourage flytipping. "Wheeled Bins are not the answer, nor is withdrawing recycling points or increasing charges at our recycling centre. Both will encourage fly tipping. I note the argument that more recycling will increase the income to Hounslow Council. Most people in Chiswick actively participate in the current recycling scheme. To mandatorily impose them is unnecessary and wasteful in financial terms."

He pointed out that other boroughs including Richmond and Ealing had a "viable efficient scheme" with locals having the 'option' to use Wheeled Bins. A consultation had just finished where councillors and local groups had been asked for their views on the introduction of wheeled bins. "Most of my representative groups were vociferously against for a diversity of reasons," he said.

Councillor Sam Hearn, who represents Riverside ward said the plan was to extend wheeled bins in a modified form to other parts of the borough.

"Although the new bins have significant advantages for many residents, the recycling contractor and Hounslow Council, some residents have expressed great dissatisfaction with the whole concept", he said.

"Following representations made by local councillors and amenity groups we understand that black bag collections will continue in certain streets where the bins would block pavements and be unsightly e.g. terraced streets with little or no front gardens. In addition individual residents can elect not to have a bin even if they live in a street designated for wheelie bin collections.

"However in these streets residents who chose not to have bins will have to make their own arrangements for the disposal of their "black bag" rubbish. Some people living in households that produce only a little rubbish are already opting to share a bin.

"Unfortunately Hounslow Council has not yet published a list of those streets where black bags will continue to be collected and wheelie bins will not be deployed.    

"There have been significant problems over the last few months in the collection of rubbish from the communal bins provided for certain blocks of flats. We are told that this is largely due to the staff recruitment and retention problems being experienced by the recycling contractor. We understand that these problems are now well on the way to be being resolved."

According to a survey carried out in Chiswick Riverside by the Grove Park Group, a majority of residents (77%) said using the wheeled bin had NOT helped them recycle more. The overall response was that change to behaviour was minimal. You can read about that survey here .

Residents with recycling problems and issues should contact the Council on 020 8583 5555

October 25, 2014

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