Locals Call For Delay To Introduction Of Wheeled Bins

Anger grows as collection method is scheduled to start soon


Breakdown Of Wheeled Bin 'Success' Survey

Wheelie Bins Set To Roll Into Chiswick

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As anger grows against the compulsary introduction of wheeled bins in Chiswick one residents group has appealed to Hounslow Council to delay the introduction of the new scheme to allow talks with local people on the issue.

Dozens of people across Chiswick have decided to 'opt out' of the new service but are annoyed that LBH has said they will have to dispose of their own rubbish in that case.

The new bins are set to be delivered to households starting Monday (November 10th) but many residents want to express their opinions at the Chiswick Area Forum meeting the following day, November 11th. It's understood that this will be allowed for discussion due to the urgency of the matter.

The chair of the West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society, Marie Rabouhans has written to the leader of the Council Steve Curran and Cllr Amrit Mann (cabinet minister for the Environment), seeking a delay so that the Council can: identify and exempt those streets where wheeled bins would be generally unsuitable.

She also suggests that individual residents get a viable opt out, such as the option of a smaller bin, for example a 50-litre bin or lockable caddy similar to large food waste bins. Her organisation has called for a delay in the introduction of wheeled bins so that people in Chiswick can discuss the issue.

At present the wheeled bins are set to be issued from November 10-21, with collections from them starting on November 24.

Mrs. Rabouhans said: My understanding of the current situation is that individual residents may inform the recycling team that they do not wish to receive a 140-litre wheeled bin. In these circumstances, however, the Council will not collect any "black-bag" rubbish from their property; residents opting out will be expected to "take any small items of household rubbish to a waste and recycling centre".

Angry residents in several streets have claimed this new method of refuse collection will not suit residents in terraced homes who would have to wheel the bins through their hallways. They say that that the bins will be unsightly for residents with small front gardens and they are impractical and unnecessary and will not improve recycling as LBH has suggested.

John Todd, Councillor for Homefields ward, says residents in his ward are 'incandescent' with rage about the new bins. He says LBH is being "arrogant" introducing the bins on a compulsory basis, without any consultation with local people.

"Most people in Chiswick already recycle and only put out one small black bag each week so they don't need a huge wheelie bin," he added.

One local resident Bobby Osborne has taken a humorous look at the situation, posting the following video on the chiswick forum


Wheelie bins were first issued to about 7,300 homes in five areas across the borough in summer 2013 on a trial basis, (including Riverside in Chiswick). A council survey claimed that 94 per cent of recipients supported the bins though this figure was disputed by the Grove Park Group in Chiswick, based on the results of a survey in their area.

Hounslow Council says "Wheelie bins not only help us save money but they also help keep our streets cleaner than black bin bags which often split open and attract rats and foxes."

The new bins will cost about £622,000, including the bill for adapting rubbish trucks, but the council estimates they will save it £200,000 a year by reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Cllr Curran has told a local newspaper that the council was happy to talk to resident's associations in streets where the wheelie bins were proving unpopular. He said it would consider redistributing those bins to other areas. However residents in Chiswick are sceptical about this- we have asked Cllr Curran if he is willing to speak to people in W4.


According to a survey carried out in Chiswick Riverside by the Grove Park Group, a majority of residents (77%) said using the wheeled bin in the trial last year had not helped them recycle more. The overall response was that change to behaviour was minimal.

Residents with recycling problems and issues should contact the Council on  recycling@hounslow.gov.uk  


November 4, 2014

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