Are Wheelie Bins Inevitable if You Live in North Chiswick?

Councillor urges residents with small front gardens to appeal assessment

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If you live in the northern part of the Chiswick covered by Ealing Council you should have got a letter informing you whether or not you will need to use the new wheelie bins for the new fortnightly collections.

The new waste collection regime is due to come into effect on 6 June and local ward Councillors say they are already been contacted by people annoyed or confused by the new arrangements. A borough-wide petition against the move has attracted the support of several thousand people.

Ealing Council say they have assessed each property in the borough and if you have space of two square metres or more at the front of your house this will mean that you will have to put your refuse in two new wheelie bins which will be collected fortnightly. If you disagree with their decision on your property you can request a reassessment.

There will be a black bin for household waste which takes the equivalent of 5 black bin bags and a blue bin for recycling including glass, paper and plastics. The dimensions of the new bins are: 58cm (W) x 74cm (D) x 110cm (H). Food waste will continue to be collected on a weekly basis in the existing containers.

According to Southfield Liberal Democrat ward Councillor, Gary Malcolm, the assessment of your front space will include drives and flower beds and the space occupied by any structures such as bike shelters.

Cllr Malcolm said, “This crazy as some people are now having to knock down a shed and sell their bikes that they store there. Ealing Council needs to take a long hard look at themselves.” He adds that his party were against this change for many reasons including the cost of the wheelie bins which he says is £3 million and is urging residents to ask for reassessment if they are unhappy with the Council's decision.

You can request a smaller household waste wheelie bin (instead of the large one), share a bin with a neighbour and have help on collection day if you need assistance to move your wheelie bins. Ealing Council are not allowing residents to request a smaller recycling wheelie bin, but the Liberal Democrats are challenging this.

Whilst there are expected to be a few teething problems as residents adjust to the new system, Ealing Council isn't anticipating a major rebellion - as witnessed in neighbouring Brentford. Here protests outside the Council leader's home ended with one of the protesters being charged with harassment.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport environment and leisure said Ealing has handled the issue differently from other authorities with council officers inspecting every property to make sure the wheelie bins would be suitable.

He said, '' This new service is going to be a big improvement. Wheelie bins will make it easier for people to recycle more meaning less waste sent to landfill, and they will also keep our streets cleaner by cutting down on the number of black bags ripped open by foxes. And because wheelie bins will be collected on alternate weeks, residents will see fewer trucks on the road, meaning less pollution and congestion on local streets.'

March 25, 2016

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