Local Conservatives Deliver Wheelie Bin to Frustrated Resident

Says she asked twelve times to have bin delivered by Ealing Council

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Conservative party members in Southfield ward took over the delivery of wheelie bins this week after a member of the public contacted them about difficulties she had been having with the Council.

Mrs Patel who lives on Fletcher Road W4 called Southfield Conservatives for help after receiving one of their regular leaflets. She has two very young children and had contacted the Council over 12 times during the last 8 weeks but had still not received her wheelie bins.

Local Conservatives Deliver Wheelies to Frustrated Resident

Local Conservatives decided to take matters into their own hands and delivered two new bins to her within a couple of hours.

Vanessa Costello, Chairman of Southfield Conservatives said, “This is one of many calls for help that we’ve received but in this particular case I felt we need to act quickly. Eight weeks is an unreasonable length of time to be waiting, the Council has really let this family down. The resident was very concerned about upsetting her neighbours by continuing to use black sacks and she wasn’t getting anywhere with the Council. I knew of two unwanted bins on the other side of the ward that the Council had failed to pick up, and my husband helped me wheel them across to Fletcher Road."

The Southfield Conservative have put a wheelie bin survey on their web site so that residents can tell them if they have an unresolved problem.

A council spokesperson said: “We have called Mrs Patel to apologise for the long delay in delivering her bins and to offer further support and information. Our records show that she had contacted us and we agree that she waited far too long to have her bins delivered. This kind of delay hasn’t been the experience of most people, but it is still unacceptable and we are looking in to why it happened so we can make sure that it isn’t repeated.”

July 30, 2016

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