Riverside Club reveals rebuilding plans

'Bubble' to provide temporary facilities for members


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The Riverside Club has revealed some details of its plans for rebuilding following the catastrophic fire earlier this year.

Esporta, the company that owns the club, has now heard from the insurers who have agreed to pay for rebuilding. There was some concern that the presence of a display car in the club's atrium at the time of the fire might have invalidated their claim.

The luxury health club held an exhibition on Saturday 3rd June at Chiswick Town Hall. Initially the club is submitting a planning application to erect a 'bubble' which will provide temporary coverage for three outdoor courts. This facility is planned for this September and a number of outdoor courts will also be available.

The group are proposing to charge £45 a month for use of these facilities which has met with a mixed reaction from existing members. One current Riverside member told us, "The charge is excessive to play on a limited number of courts and change in a portakabin."

Another exhibition will take place at Chiswick Town Hall on the 17th June between 9am and 4pm

June 6, 2006