Locals Say No To Sam's Al Fresco Plans

Some claim pedestrianising Barley Mow would lead to more noise

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A group of residents living near the Barley Mow Passage have opposed the plan to pedestrianise the area, claiming they are in a ‘David versus Goliath’ battle to save their peace and quiet.

Sam Harrison of well-known restaurant ‘Sam’s Brasserie and Bar’ set up a petition on Hounslow Council’s website claiming pedestrianising the area would bring a 'continental atmosphere' and would benefit local business. The petition has almost 300 signatures.

But local resident Loraine Pemberton said this would lead to increased noise for nearby residents, and they have now set up a counter petition.

She said she did not believe Sam’s claims that in the recession, it would be good for business.

“Why should the rights of the mionority to have peace and quiet be put up against the rights of these businesses to make extra money?”

Her neighbour Sally Shimmin said she wondered how emergency fire and ambulance vehicles were meant to access such properties as Voysey House and Barley Mow Business Centre if there were tables outside on the street.

“They can't reach them via the two small roads that run to and from the passage that his diners will block with outside tables."

The two residents, who claim they have the support of several others who live in flats along the High Road, also said it would be difficult to get access to their homes with vehicles.

“We will be able to access but not exit as it's illegal to reverse onto a main road which would be our only option.” Says Loraine Pemberton.

"We have no objection for businesses to aspire and grow, as long as it’s not at the expense of residents who have been in occupation for far longer that Sam's and Chisou and already suffer from increased noise pollution."

The residents have put their concerns into a letter sent to local MP Mary Macleod and plan to lobby councillors on the issue. The cost of pedestrianisation would be £4,000 and the decision would be made by Hounslow Council.

The newly-opened Japanese restaurant Chisou is also supporting the idea, although the Barley Mow pub has not expressed an interest.

According to Sam Harrison, other local businesses on the High Road would also benefit as this proposal would draw people to what is often consider the quietest "trading "part of the High Road.

In a letter sent to local residents earlier this month, he said he fully understood their concerns and would be willing to finish outside dining at 10.30pm or earlier and if necessary, he could restrict it to Saturday and Sundays.

He said the outside dining would be for a limited number of diners only.

“I really believe that there is a way that this proposal can work with little disruption to local residents, mainly because at the times I am suggesting, the noise would be no greater than already being created.”

However the local residents opposing the campaign do not believe him. Another local, Sarah Markworth has replied saying;

“I do believe that you have good intentions, however the problem is this area acts like an amplifier to noise and so even the BEST intentions do not create a good result for the surrounding neighbours.

Most of the residents along this road sleep at the back of their properties to avoid the noise of the high street and therefore introducing noise along the back of these properties is going to produce a stream of complaints. We do not have an alternative place to sleep.”.

Sam Harrison

In a statement today, Sam Harrison said that he had agreed with Hounslow Council that if approved he would fund the whole scheme. The scheme had not been turned down in 2007 as it was never put forward as a scheme. All of the emergency services had given their full approval and support to the scheme already.

"They wouldn't have done this without having carried out a full risk assessment" he added.

April 27, 2012