London's Cuisine Voted Worst In Europe

Survey results show Capital is also dirty, expensive and filled with badly dressed people!

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It may be home to some of the world's finest chefs, but London's cuisine has been voted the worst in Europe, in a survey of travellers' perceptions of European cities by TripAdvisor(R), the world's most popular and largest travel community.

"The same survey that showed London as having the 'worst' cuisine also has it having the second 'best cuisine' after Paris. This tells me that either people have strongly divergent views on London cuisine, or it should not be taken too seriously," commented Michelin afficiando Andy Hayler.

"I would say that the strength of London cuisine, like many aspects of the capital, is in its diversity. London has a rich mix of ethnic restaurants."

Chiswick resident Hayler, who became the only person to have eaten every single one of the world's Michelin 3 star restaurants, continued, "While the very top end of cuisine is indeed better in Paris (with ten Michelin 3 star restaurants compared to one in London), London has a far greater choice of good restaurants from a wide range of cultures than you will find in other European cities."

Yet whilst the capital's food may fail to whet travellers' appetites, its feast of cultural sights and open spaces meets with approval. London emerged as the best European city for both free attractions and public parks in the survey of 2,376 European travellers. As one TripAdvisor reviewer writes, "I have travelled quite a lot and there are NO parks in the world like the ones in London, especially St James' Park."

Copenhagen took the accolade of Europe's cleanest city, whilst London was crowned the dirtiest, for the second year running. One TripAdvisor reviewer writes, "When I went to London last I was looking for a bin at Victoria Station. I couldn't find one so asked security and they told me to just throw it on the floor."

Travellers also ranked London the most expensive city in Europe, whilst Prague was voted the best bargain. Luke Fredberg, TripAdvisor spokesman, says, "Despite London emerging as the dirtiest and most expensive city, its fantastic free attractions prove that you don't need to be a millionaire in order to enjoy the capital."

May 6, 2009