Location, Location, Location

Can your biggest asset generate some additional income?

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In the current uncertain economic climate homeowners are starting to look at their biggest asset i.e. their property and consider how it could help them generate additional income.

One method that may not immediately come to mind but can prove to be a real money-spinner is letting your house as a location.

Chiswick has many houses that could potentially fit the bill according to Fresh Location's Helen Streek.

"The most important feature for any location is space. Large rooms, open-plan designs and good light are key. A variety of interior styles can work but ideally the space should not be too cluttered," she says.

"If your house is let, homeowners can expect to be paid between £500 and £800 per day for a photo shoot, more for filming."

If you think your house has got what it takes then Fresh Locations, are currently taking on new properties.

They represent a range of properties in and around London and book for a number of clients including high street retailers, glossy magazines and television companies.

More information can be found at www.freshlocations.com

Helen Streek and Michelle Shashoua have 25 years combined experience in the world of stills, television and film shoots.

Between them, they have a long list of trusted contacts and a varied client base in constant need of fresh locations. Their aim is to offer exceptional service as well as high quality, original locations to suit the needs of their clients.

They can also bridge the gap for property owners whom, with some guidance, can make a real success of using their properties as locations.

March 4, 2009