May Sees Renewed Surge in Chiswick Property

Average Price of W4 Property Tops £600,000 This Quarter

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Property sales in July 2006

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After reaching a new record high in the first quarter of this year the Chiswick property market is seeing even higher prices.

The average home in Chiswick cost £537,057 at the end of March of this year and the market seems to have paused for breath in April with the average price for the month slightly below that level.

However May has seen a renewed uptick particularly at the top end of the market. Some local estate agents believe this may be the delayed effect of City bonuses. With the May transactions included the average price rises to £613,273 (figures include transactions reported up until June 24th 2007).

With more transactions to be reported the average could change significantly before the end of the quarter.

Caroline Nicholas of Faron Sutaria said, "Recently there have been a number of reports in the media regarding a proposed hike in interest rates and a possible flattening of the market.

"Despite these speculations, in Chiswick we have found that family and personal circumstances generally supersede any external influences, as a result of which the market in Chiswick tends to remain consistent and people generally move for practical reasons."

She continued "We are finding that any slow down in the process relates to the lack of supply. We currently hold a large applicant base of applicants ready to move and prices are still being achieved in some instances well in excess of the original asking price."

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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Full details of property price trends are in our report on the property market to March 2006.

April Sales for Chiswick Property

Date Address
30-Apr-07 9, Cranbrook Road W4 2LH £397,500
30-Apr-07 23, Spring Grove W4 3NH £740,000
30-Apr-07 379, Flat 7, Chiswick High Road W4 4AG £280,000
30-Apr-07 69, Silver Crescent W4 5SF £345,000
27-Apr-07 81, Southfield Road W4 1BB £350,000
27-Apr-07 43, Flat A, Upham Park Road W4 1PQ £450,000
27-Apr-07 36, Duke Road W4 2DD £780,000
27-Apr-07 69, Devonshire Road W4 2HU £445,000
27-Apr-07 110, Cranbrook Road W4 2LJ £745,000
27-Apr-07 42c, British Grove South W4 2PU £250,000
27-Apr-07 11, Brooks Road W4 3BL £328,000
27-Apr-07 126, Chiswick Village W4 3DQ £299,950
27-Apr-07 66b, Waldeck Road W4 3NU £427,500
27-Apr-07 40, Burlington Road W4 4BE £310,000
27-Apr-07 1b, Fairlawn Avenue W4 5EF £317,500
26-Apr-07 79, The Avenue W4 1HJ £657,600
26-Apr-07 532, Flat 20, Chiswick High Road W4 5RG £580,000
25-Apr-07 Chatsworth Lodge, Flat 21, Bourne Place W4 2EE £305,000
25-Apr-07 78, Cranbrook Road W4 2LH £750,000
25-Apr-07 24, Burnaby Gardens W4 3DP £920,000
24-Apr-07 55, Flat 3, Chiswick High Road W4 2LT £380,000
24-Apr-07 12, Milnthorpe Road W4 3DX £856,000
24-Apr-07 10, Florence Road W4 5DP £249,000
24-Apr-07 27, Graham Road W4 5DR £530,000
23-Apr-07 6, Gainsborough Road W4 1NJ £490,000
20-Apr-07 5, Linden Gardens W4 2EG £472,500
20-Apr-07 56, Flat A, Grove Park Gardens W4 3RZ £290,000
19-Apr-07 24, Flat 4, Rothschild Road W4 5HS £187,155
18-Apr-07 57, Edensor Gardens W4 2QZ £301,000
17-Apr-07 Reubens Court, 2, Chaseley Drive W4 4BD £295,000
17-Apr-07 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Flat 16, Evershed Walk W4 5BW £700,000
16-Apr-07 70 The Power House, Flat 7, Chiswick High Road W4 1SY £712,500
16-Apr-07 8, Compton Crescent W4 3JA £290,000
16-Apr-07 2a, Seymour Road W4 5ES £395,000
13-Apr-07 44 66 Dewsbury Court, Flat 7, Chiswick Road W4 5RA £200,500
12-Apr-07 180, Devonshire Road W4 2AW £525,000
12-Apr-07 37, Magnolia Road W4 3QN £456,500
11-Apr-07 26, Duke Road W4 2DD £230,000
11-Apr-07 1c, Devonshire Road W4 2EU £435,000
11-Apr-07 108, Flat 3, Sutton Court Road W4 3EQ £260,000
10-Apr-07 28, Esmond Road W4 1JQ £1,600,000
10-Apr-07 24, Eastbury Grove W4 2JZ £287,500
10-Apr-07 40 Carelia Court, Flat 2, Graham Road W4 5DR £425,000
10-Apr-07 5, Fairlawn Grove W4 5EL £820,000
05-Apr-07 48a, Binns Road W4 2BS £292,500
05-Apr-07 33, Dorchester Grove W4 2LD £405,500
05-Apr-07 40, Homefield Road W4 2LW £1,825,000
05-Apr-07 13, British Grove W4 2NL £875,000
05-Apr-07 27, Ellesmere Road W4 3DU £250,000
05-Apr-07 106, Flat 3, Sutton Court Road W4 3EQ £200,001
05-Apr-07 146, Sutton Court Road W4 3HT £464,000
05-Apr-07 34, Ernest Gardens W4 3QU £437,500
05-Apr-07 Hartington Court, 21, Hartington Road W4 3TT £300,000
05-Apr-07 116, Acton Lane W4 5HH £300,000
05-Apr-07 18c, Copenhagen Gardens W4 5NN £335,000
05-Apr-07 392, Chiswick High Road W4 5TF £300,000
04-Apr-07 132, Rusthall Avenue W4 1BS £920,000
04-Apr-07 Flanders Mansions, Flat 39, Flanders Road W4 1NF £420,599
04-Apr-07 132, Chiswick Village W4 3DQ £235,000
04-Apr-07 Grosvenor Court, 3, Grosvenor Road W4 4EF £320,000
03-Apr-07 25, Chiswick Lane W4 2LR £1,260,000
03-Apr-07 2, Elmwood Road W4 3DZ £865,000
02-Apr-07 22, Brackley Road W4 2HN £749,600
02-Apr-07 5, Dorchester Grove W4 2LD £190,000

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Source: Land Registry

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