Controversy over exclusion of 'crusading' councillor

Tories cry foul over failure to appoint Robert Oulds to crime committee

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The Tory opposition group in Hounslow Council have blasted Labour members for blocking the appointment of a 'crusading' Chiswick councillor from the key Police Consultative Group (PCG)

At the Annual General Meeting of the Council, Labour Members refuse to appoint Councillor Robert Oulds in favour of their own Labour Councillors.

Councillor Oulds said that the actions of the Labour Party breached the Constitution of the Police Consultative Group, which demands that the PCG has political balance.

Councillor Oulds, who claims to have taken a lead in tackling crime in Chiswick, would have brought a great deal to the role according to his party colleagues. They point out that many Labour appointees did not attend most of the meetings.

Local MPs Anne Keen and Alan Keen are also meant to attend but did not appear last year.

Councillor Oulds said: “I know how best to tackle crime. I have written about tackling crime for a national magazine, I have worked with groups inside and outside the Borough and brought CCTV to crime-hotspots in Chiswick. I would have used the opportunity to serve on the Police Consultative Group to help the Police, make sure that there is Police accountability to local people – from all ends of the Borough not just the Western end – and to make sure that Police are put back on the streets, protecting us and deterring crime."

He pulled no punches in singling out Brentford Councillor Patrick Edwards for criticism saying that his failure to attend any meetings of the group was 'shameful.'

May 20, 2004