Controversial cop to command borough

Dr. Ali Dizaei to become local Chief Superintendent

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The new Chief Superintendent of Hounslow Borough is to be Dr. Ali Dizaei who was the subject of a massive police enquiry lasting two and a half years and costing up to £7 million. Ultimately he was unequivocally cleared of all charges and resumed his position with the Met with many believing that his prominent position in the National Black Police Association led to a 'witch hunt' against him.

He was widely tipped to become Commissioner before the enquiry having risen rapidly in the force. Originally from Iran, he has a law degree and a doctorate and was one of the leading drivers within the force for a comprehensive implementation of the recommendations of the MacPherson report which had branded the Metropolitan Police as 'institutionally racist'.

During the course of the enquiry salacious allegations appeared about his private life emerged but Superintendent Dizaei never denied having an open marriage. He was put under constant surveillance during the enquiry and was accused of being a threat to national security because of visits to the Iranian Embassy. It emerged later that he had informed Special Branch of the visits and attended in full uniform. Over 3,500 private phone conversation's by Dr Dizaei were recorded and attempts were made to set up sting operations. Despite these efforts only two relatively minor offences were ever brought to court and these were quickly dismissed by the court. As part of a settlement agreement with the Met., he is believed to have received compensation of £80,000.

Dr. Dizaei has been working on special duties in Ealing duty after reaching an agreement with the Met over his future role in the force. He will be replacing Chief Superintendent Jeff Harris who is leaving on January 3rd to take up a role as the head of the enforcement unit at Westminster Council. Jeff Harris presided over a significant decline in crime in the borough and was a popular leader for the borough police force.

November 24, 2004