Ealing North Constituency 2010 Results

Stephen Pound holds his seat with increased vote

Results of the 2010 Election

General Election Result - Ealing Central and Acton

General Election Result - Ealing Southall

Local Election Result - Ealing Borough

Labour's Stephen Pound has once again held his seat in Ealing North. Reflecting national trends there was a high turnout of nearly 67 per cent (electorate of 73,104).

Ealing North Constituency
Candidate Party
2005 Result
2010 Result
Stephen Pound Labour
Ian Gibb Conservative
Chris Lucas Liberal Democrat
David Furness British National Party
Ian Du Wulverton UKIP
Christopher Warleigh-Lack Green Party
Peter Ljubisic The Christian Party

Mr Pound beat off challenges from Conservative Ian Gibb and Lib Democrat Chris Lucas.

Steve Pound who has been in parliament since 1997 said, ''This has been one of the most exhausting and exhilirating elections and the results defy every prediction. It proves once and for all that the people do have the power and politicians fail to heed this at their peril.

''On a personal note the greatest honour of my life has been to serve the people of Ealing North and I promise to do all I can to be worthy of their trust.''

Ian Gibb said:'' It's been a long tiring campaign but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm personally disappointed but pleased with the national position."

May 7, 2010