Ealing Central and Acton Result 2010

Angie Bray wins seat for the Conservatives

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Angie Bray has won the Ealing Central and Acton constituency for the Conservative party gaining 38% of the vote in a 5% swing from Labour.

She said on being elected, "I thank everybody especially my opponents who carried out a proper and decent campaign. I consider myself a servant to everybody in Ealing and Acton... The people have chosen change I have been chosen as the face of that change and will work with the local community to get that change."

After a sustained and occasionally fractious contest, mainly spats between the Labour and Conservative candidates, Angie Bray now looks as though she will be part of the largest party in the Commons.

Defeated Labour candidate Basaam Mahfouz, who held onto second place despite the Liberal Democrats being widely tipped as the main challengers, said, ''It's been an energetic grass roots campaign which has really energised people on a series of local issues. It was always going to be a tight race. I'm disappointed but will keep campaigning and make sure the voices of local people continue to be heard."

Jon Ball finished third for the Liberal Democrats. His campaign frustrated many people in the Borough as they felt more energy could have been expended by the Liberal Democrats towards gaining support in the constituency. In the event their share of the vote was actually down on the last election.

A disappointed Mr. Ball (pictured right) said, "It's been great meeting so many people who enthused about the Lib Dem campaign. we have engaged with lots of young people who were new to politics. It's always been a two horse race which has established Lib Dems as a real contender in this new constituency. I will continue to fight on issues like saving the A and E fighting overdevelopment in Central Ealing and campaign to improve Acton and defend services."

There was a strong turnout of 47,200 which represents 74.3% of those entitled to vote and was an 18.3% increase on last time.



Votes % Change*

Bray, Angie



Mahfouz, Bassam

Labour Party


Ball, Jon

Liberal Democrat


Carter, Julie

UK Independence Party


Edwards, Sarah

Green Party


Fernandes, Suzanne

Christian Party


Akaki, Sam


  Majority 3716 7.9  

* Change is based on notional constituency assuming boundary changes applied in 2005


March 24, 2015