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More than one in four homes in Chiswick now receive the weekly free e-mail newsletter from Recently the 5,000th subscriber signed up giving it the largest distribution for any newsletter of its kind in Europe.

The site as a whole recently surpassed 20,000 users in a week suggesting that weekly usage by Chiswick households could be well over 50%

To mark the landmark a prize was given to the person who referred the 5000th subscriber. This was a fantastic DVD set worth over £100. Martin Scorsese Presents…The Blues is a series of seven original films by world famous directors who share a passion for blues music including Clint Eastwood, Mike Figgis and Wim Wenders. The competition was run in association with MVC on Chiswick High Road.

Congratulations to Janice Jones of Staveley Gardens who referred the 5000th subscriber.

The Chiswick e-mail newsletter is widely recognised as the most comprehensive source of local news and information. It features articles on a wide range of topics of relevance to Chiswick. It is also available as free platform for community groups wishing to encourage local participation or raise awareness of fund-raising events. Many local voluntary groups have reported a substantial increase in community activism as a result of being featured in the newsletter.

It provides a weekly digest of stories from around the area, many of which do not appear on the front page of the site. You can unsubscribe to the newsletter any time you want and the details that you give on subscription are not given to any third parties.

August 3, 2004