Duchess of Cambridge The "Perfect Princess"

Make up artist to the royals Teresa Fairminer gives us tips on how we can copy Kate's look

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Make up artist to the royals Teresa Fairminer gives brides to be some invaluable advice

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Kate now has the honour of her new title as Duchess of Cambridge but for me she will always be remembered as the Perfect Princess.

Her ivory gown with lace appliqué floral detail, superbly designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, was praised by all the Fashion Editors.

Every aspect of this Wedding had been carefully thought through with great care and attention leaving no doubt that this Royal couple truly wished to respect the public’s wishes.

But on to my job...

What about Kate's Hair and Make-Up? Did she get it right?

Yes of course she did, there is no question about that and from what I hear she did it all herself. Kate kept to her own special Look which she has refined perfectly over the last six months. Fresh slightly tanned complexion, strong eye- make-up, natural glossy lips showing off a great smile all framed with shiny healthy long hair.

As a Make-up Artist myself I am pleased to note that Kate’s Make-Up took precedence over her hair.. Her face was fresh and natural with total emphasis clearly on strong smoky eye make-up. Hair was cleverly half swept up, off her face and kept in place with a beautiful diamond tiara on loan from the Queen for this special occasion. This allowed all attention to focus on her face and wonderful smile.

My Beauty Tips To Copy This Look

  • Skin was golden and glowing which can be achieved by first applying a primer such as Laura Mercier. This makes the skin silky, soft and very mat, which is especially important for all the photos. Then apply a foundation like Chanel’s Vita Lumiere in a medium beige tone all over face and blend cheeks with a cream blusher / Bourjois New Blusher Breezy Une, this is brand new so be patient if it’s not in your Boots yet. All set with a translucent powder to make doubly sure that no shine seeps through for the whole day. Smoky eye make-up is the most important feature for Kate Make-Up. A mat powder cream shade of eye shadow would have been added all over the lids up to eyebrows as a base. Then apply dark brown eyeliner as close to lashes as possible creating strength to eyes. Kate also carried this eyeliner around the bottom lashes, which I feel was perhaps a little too strong and could have been better blended. But this effect certainly lasted the entire morning and worked well for TV. I couldn’t see any proof of fake lashes or fake hair pieces which is unusual for these days Eyelashes would have first been curled with eyelash curlers then coated with waterproof mascara such as Max Factor Master Precision in Black and no kohl was applied inside the eyes which I am very glad she didn’t do because this would have made her eyes appear smaller.Lips will have had an entire coat of a lip pencil similar to Mac nude all over lips and round edges to keep a lip gloss firmly in place. Laura Mercier rose flush (is a good likeness to her lip gloss)Hair First roughly towel dry then blow dry hair upside down to give volume ( necessary when using veils as they always flatten the hair) then finish the blow drying using a big round brush to straighten and shine the hair. The biggest velcro rollers you can find can be put in all over, section by section. Leave these rollers in to set hair and start your make-up.
  • After your make-up is finished remove rollers and brush hair through very lightly with your head upside down, find a strong slanted side parting and blow dry the fringe to the side and loop behind ears. Sweep up half the hair to the front giving a base for the tiara to grip onto, (these tiaras are specially made with hooks for curby grips to lock into the hair) the rest of hair would have been allowed to wave down Kate’s back and frame for her face.


  • Shampoo for brunettes by Denise McAdam
  • Blow dry spray Wella System Professional
  • Huge velcro rollers at Boots
  • Frizz ease by John Freida to smooth ends
  • Wella professional shine spray which gives a superb sheen to hair, then finish with Elnett
  • Hairspray (Still the best) to keep in place for whole day.

My memories of the day...

William looking so proud and happy. His eye contact with Kate inside Westminster Abbey when she had moments of understandable nerves. You could feel his will to instill confidence and love into her.

Plus his determination to get that Wedding ring on no matter what. All showing that our future King has the kindness, respect and determination to succeed and do the right thing for all.

Teresa Fairminer


May 3, 2011