Schools on alert as man attempts to lure children

Parents urged to warn their children of stranger danger

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Grove Park Primary School has put all schools in the area on School Alert Watch after a man was seen loitering outside their gates on Tuesday 20th September.

The man was reportedly offering sweets to children in an attempt to entice them to go with him.  He also offered charity wristbands which are hugely popular amongst both primary and secondary school age groups.  The same man was later seen sitting outside a block of flats close by to Grove Park School.

He is described as medium build, short hair, 25 to 30 years old and of Asian appearance.

Police received an anonymous call regarding this man's behaviour some hours after the event, but when they attended the area no one answering the description could be found.

Chiswick's Safer School's Officer, PC Lane, has subsequently visited Grove Park School to ascertain precisely what happened.  It is now believed that the man concerned may be a local man who apparently has learning difficulties. It is not thought that he poses a threat to children but Police are still attempting to confirm whether this is, in fact, the case.

Chiswick Sector Inspector, Dave Osbourne said "We should always be vigilant, and clearly the long standing good advice regarding children not talking to strangers still applies, but I would not want this incident to disproportionately raise the fear of crime of this type."


September 27, 2005