Man Charged After Hogarth Roundabout Confrontation

Officers threatened with knife when they attempted to detain suspect



Police Officers Threatened At Hogarth Roundabout

Five Sentenced For Robbing Man In Chiswick

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A man has been charged with assault after an incident at Hogarth Roundabout earlier this year.

20-year-old Ricky Newman of Hammersmith Grove, W6 will appear on bail at West London Magistrates' Court on Friday, 18 December. He also face a charge of possession of cannabis.

Ricky Newman of Hammersmith Grove, W6

Ricky Newman

This follows an incident on the A4 on Monday, 27 July in which two men were arrested for a number of offences after police saw them riding erratically on stolen mopeds.

As the police van activated the blue lights all three rode off at speed. One of the men then fell off a moped on the Hogarth Roundabout and, after a struggle, he was detained. The other two men then returned and began to circle the officers shouting threats. One was waving a knife threatening to stab the officers unless they released the man.

A bus driver stopped his vehicle and came to the aid of police officers. Two of the men were subsequently arrested, the third made off from the scene. When officers searched the mopeds they found 10 bags of herbal cannabis, a screwdriver and bolt cutters.

Local people reported hearing a helicopter circle in the area for a period of time as a police chase was underway along the A4.

According to the police report, the bus driver and his passengers were thanked by offiers for their support. The identity of the driver, who was described in one report as a hero has not been revealed.

October 17, 2015