Police Officers Threatened At Hogarth Roundabout

Bus driver came to the rescue after the officers were under attack



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A bus driver being hailed as a 'hero' came to the aid of police officers who came under attack from two men, one of whom threatened to stab them, in an incident near the Hogarth roundabout on Monday night.

Local people reported hearing a helicopter circle in the area for a period of time as a police chase was underway along the A4.

Two males were arrested and three stolen mopeds recovered after the chase which ended at the Hogarth roundabout where the police were confronted by two suspects. One was waving a knife and threatening to stab the officers unless they released a third suspect that the officers were trying to detain after he fell off the moped.

Police Officers Threatened At Hogarth Roundabout .

According to the police report, a bus driver stopped and assisted the officers who have thanked him and his passengers for their support. The identity of the driver, who was described in one report as a 'hero' has not been revealed.

The incident started when three men were spotted riding erratically by the officers from Hammersmith & Fulham who were in an unmarked police car on the A4 at 11 pm.

As they were passing the BP garage westbound the police team saw the three on mopeds pass them at speed swerving through the lanes.

When the police van activated the blue lights, all three rode off at speed. One of the suspects then fell off a moped on the Hogarth roundabout. After a struggle he was detained by officers. The other two suspects then returned and began to circle the officers shouting verbal threats. One was waving a knife threatening to stab the officers unless they released the detained suspect.

After the intervention of the bus driver, and support from passengers, two of the suspects were subsequently arrested. When officers searched the mopeds they found 10 bags of herbal cannabis, a screwdriver and bolt cutters.

The first suspect, believed to be aged in his 20s , was arrested for dangerous driving, possession with intent to supply class B drugs, theft of motor vehicle, going equipped, affray and assault on a police officer. He was also further arrested for breach of his ASBO.

The second suspect was arrested for dangerous driving, possession with intent to supply class B drugs, theft of vehicle, and affray.

Both were taken to a police station for questioning and remain in custody.

The police team tweeted their thanks to those who came to their assistance, saying "All involved in the incident on the Hogarth would like to thank the driver & passengers of the bus for coming to the PC's aid... pulled knives on officers during an arrest on the Hogarth Roundabout. 2 males arrested and 3 stolen mopeds recovered".

August 1, 2015