Burglar Tries To Make Getaway Across Gardens

Helicopter called in to help apprehend thief near Chiswick Lane


Burglar Tries To Make Getaway Across Gardens

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Five Sentenced For Robbing Man In Chiswick

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A police hunt took place in a Chiswick street, after a burglar tried to flee across back gardens with a bag of stolen goods.

A local resident described how two police cars blocked the entrance to Balfern Grove and Cornwall Grove in a bid to block any escape routes. A helicopter was also called in to help the search.

The drama happened at around 16.40 yesterday (Dec 21), as the burglar tried to make a getaway by jumping from one garden to another, following a break in at a house believed to be in Eastbury Grove.

Two police cars arrived at the scene and a helicopter was spotted at around 17.10.

One resident described seeing the man fleeing and then dropping a bag when he realised police were on the scene. He sad he believed the man was hiding in the bushes while police searched for him.

An elderly resident, who was walked to her home by a police officer, who checked that her property was safe before she entered , said that she had never seen anything like it in her forty years living in Cornwall Grove.

Police said there was no arrest made at the scene.

Police have issued advice on how to stay safe from crime over the Christmas period.


December 22, 2015